A quick overview of the most important games of all time

. Blackjack

Adventure with cards of all time. Experts believe that it appeared around the 16th century, as Cervantes mentioned him in 1601 in one of his book masterpieces. When dealing with the dealer who is in your hands, try not to exceed 21 points and pray that they do not get an ace, otherwise, you will be in trouble!

. Slots

An ideal example of how technology has preserved a classic game and even brought it to a different level. Since 1887, when invented by Charles August Fey, gaming machines have grown into thousands of different titles!

Software makers now compete for the attention of a vast audience of players who demand more each year. Do not forget to test a slot machine with a progressive jackpot and feel the heat when you have the chance to become a millionaire with every turn!

. Roulette

Absolute synonym of elegance and wealth. Roulette got its name from the French, although both the Chinese and the Romans claim that they were invented by them. From Humphrey Bogart to Sean Connery, she won our hearts with her numerous appearances on small screens. Rotate it and you want to be happy when the spherical ball landed on your number after it made a circle all over the wheel!

. Video Poker
Video Poker

The history around this classics between different types of casino games is fascinating and worth exploring. Many cultures mention his authorship and origin, but the fact remains that the game, as we know it, was born around the 18th century in the United States.

His most famous feature is a bluff, a strategy that consists of the assumption that you convince your opponent that you have good cards and to reveal your own, or tear them away thinking they will win, and you have the best possible pair of cards on the table. Are you good at lying?

. Baccarat

No doubt about his French origin! Ian Fleming, the author of the popular 007 movies, has helped this card game make her successful, by including her in her films. It's about having to get as close to nine as possible according to specific rules. Win in any of these games of chance!

. Craps

Perhaps one of the most demanding games when it comes to learning to play, even though it consists of just throwing a pair of cubes and that you have enough luck to anticipate the result. Her real key challenge lies in the ability to understand the odds and, accordingly, betting.

When it comes to gambling with fake or real money, there are types of casino games that will survive any technological improvements in years to come. We see them in movies, we read about them in books and find them even in the new TV series. Let's take a quick look at the most popular games!